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jonas- the bleacher boys

My name is Jonas and I’m a 3rd grader at Maugham school in Tenafly. I love to play every sport but my favorites are soccer, basketball and golf. I love the NY Knicks and the NY Jets and my favorite athletes are Kristaps Porzingis and Brandon Marshall. And I also love the University of Michigan and can’t wait for their football season to start! I’m so excited to talk to everyone about all the sports I love!


I’m Adin and I’m in 3rd grade at Maugham School in Tenafly. My favorite sports to watch are basketball, soccer and football. I love the Knicks, Jets and NY CFC. And of course I love every team from the University of Michigan!! Go Blue!! I play basketball and soccer and I love to talk sports. I watch Sports Center and I love to talk about games after I watch them. I can’t wait to write about all the great sports coming this year!


Hi – my name is Jesse. I am an 8 year old boy from New Jersey and I love sports. I play sports all year long. My favorite sports to play and watch are hockey, lacrosse, football, and basketball. I also love collecting and trading sports cards. I have a lot of top players like Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Mookie Betts and some classics like Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, and Ernie Davis. Most days, you can spot me wearing a jersey. I can’t wait to share my sports knowledge with you!


Hi sports fans! My name is David Casty and I am 8 years old from Tenafly. I love to play, watch and talk about sports! My favorite sports to play are baseball, football and basketball. I play on Tenafly travel baseball and Northern Valley Coyotes baseball all year long! My favorite teams are The NY Mets, The Boston Celtics, The NY Rangers and The Dallas Cowboys. I cant wait to talk sports with you!!


Hey everyone! My name is Coby and I’m in third grade at Maugham school in Tenafly. I love playing basketball, football and lacrosse. I love to root for the New England Patriots, New York Knicks, Boston Bruins and the Red Sox. Rob Gronkowski and Kobe Bryant are my favorite athletes! I’m so psyched to talk sports with everyone!!