jonas- the bleacher boys

My name is Jonas and I’m a 3rd grader at Maugham school in Tenafly. I love to play every sport but my favorites are soccer, basketball and golf. I love the NY Knicks and the NY Jets and my favorite athletes are Kristaps Porzingis and Brandon Marshall. And I also love the University of Michigan and can’t wait for their football season to start! I’m so excited to talk to everyone about all the sports I love!


I’m Adin and I’m in 3rd grade at Maugham School in Tenafly. My favorite sports to watch are basketball, soccer and football. I love the Knicks, Jets and NY CFC. And of course I love every team from the University of Michigan!! Go Blue!! I play basketball and soccer and I love to talk sports. I watch Sports Center and I love to talk about games after I watch them. I can’t wait to write about all the great sports coming this year!


Hi sports fans! My name is David Casty and I am 8 years old from Tenafly. I love to play, watch and talk about sports! My favorite sports to play are baseball, football and basketball. I play on Tenafly travel baseball and Northern Valley Coyotes baseball all year long! My favorite teams are The NY Mets, The Boston Celtics, The NY Rangers and The Dallas Cowboys. I cant wait to talk sports with you!!