Updated: December 11, 2017

The hardest thing about being a fan of a team from another state is you don’t get to see them play in person that much. I’m the biggest Denver Nuggets fan in the world, and so are my mom and my brothers. So once in a while we take a road trip to see the Nuggets play in another state.

This past weekend I went to Orlando with my mom and Adin to see the Nuggets play the Orlando Magic. I really wanted to see them win since we came all the way from New Jersey just for the game. But I was mostly just so excited to see my favorite team again.

The best part about seeing the Nuggets on the road is that they don’t have that many fans at the game so they really love to see us. Most of the players gave us high fives and a few of them came over to talk to us. Gary Harris even remembered that I’m a big Michigan fan and he came over and made a joke about it because he went to Michigan State.

After the game one of the Denver announcers gave me his Nuggets scarf and my brother got Jamal Murray’s sweaty towel. Mom said she needs to wash it but Adin wants to save all the sweat!

I probably won’t see the Nuggets again until March when they play in DC but I’m trying to convince my mom to go to Wisconsin in February when they play the Bucks. Until then, I’ll be watching their games on NBA League Pass and screaming for them at home. I hope they still remember me in a few months!


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