Geno Caught in a WEBB

Updated: December 8, 2017

Hi, this is Ashton Yacker, guest writer for the Bleacher Boys and I am 9 years old. I have already written that the Giants should start Webb, and I still believe in Davis Webb over Geno Smith. But my last blog was based on why the Giants should start Webb because Webb is so good. Now I have a new reason that the Giants should start Webb, it is because Geno is B-A-A-A-A-A-D!!! And he is not going to change.

Geno is already 27 years old which means he is more likely to get hurt (and Webb is a young 23 year old)! Geno may be able to scramble a bit but he never picks up big yardage when he does. Also Geno did not go to a college with a solid football program (WVU) so he never got proper training to be an NFL quarterback. Geno Smith can’t even hang onto the ball which we know because he fumbled twice against the Raiders. On the second fumble the ball got stripped from his hands and the Raiders were only rushing 3 lineman! As Randy Moss and Charles Woodson would say “C’MON MAN!” I mean he threw a ball into the stands during the Raiders game. Once again “C’MON MAN!” This guy learned everything he knows from Six Picks (aka Ryan Fitzpatrick) when he played for the Jets. Most importantly, Geno Smith played for the Jets, and no true Giants fan could ever really cheer for a former Jet!

The Giants should draft a new QB to backup Webb and as I said in my first blog GIVE WEBB A CHANCE!

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