Ben McAdoo…”YOU’RE FIRED!”

Updated: December 7, 2017

It’s official.  Ben McAdoo has been fired as the head coach of the New York Giants.   As a Cowboys fan it didn’t really affect me at first.   But after  I thought about how he benched Eli Manning I changed my mind.  Here’s the situation.

At 2-10 in his second season McAdoo has coached the Giants to the worst start in franchise history.  It has been a bad season from the beginning.  Even though injuries really hurt this team, it seems like no-one really liked him from the start, especially the players.  I don’t think it matters what sport it is, but if the players don’t respect the coach then it’s not good.  When McAdoo ended Eli Manning’s 210 game starting streak and decided to bench the 2 time Super Bowl champion and MVP, it was time for him to go.

Basically the Giants had no chance of making the playoffs anyway.  So why would McAdoo bench Manning?  It doesn’t make any sense!  He should have just let him finish the season!  Manning could have played and ended the season with some dignity.  That really wasn’t fair to do to him.

Even though the season is almost over I think firing him was smart.  It made the fans happy and now the Giants can sort of start over.  If I was Donald Trump I would say, “You’re fired!”


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