Should The Giants start Eli Manning?

Updated: December 1, 2017


Hello Sportsfans! My name is Zach Schweid and I am a guest writer for The Bleacher Boys.  I love to play and talk about sports and here’s my opinion on the NY Giants and 5 reasons why they should start Eli Manning.

The first reason why the Giants should start Eli Manning is simple.   Eli is way better than Geno Smith  . Eli has two super bowls under his belt and Geno Smith has none.

My second reason is Geno Smith.  When I think of Geno Smith I say, “oh he was the old Jets quarterback that had 36 INT’s in his career- right?”  Enough said.

My third reason is that Eli Manning had the second longest streak for consecutive starts with 210, the first place being Brett Favre with 294.  If Eli played exactly five more seasons and started every game he would have tied Brett Favre.

My fourth reason is that Eli is just plain better.  In 212 games, he has 50,625 yards and 332 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Geno on his 33 starts has just 5,963 yards and 28 touchdowns plus, as I mentioned, 36 INT’s.

My final reason is that Manning has been a loyal player and teammate for the past fourteen years.  He deserves more respect than being replaced.

Those are my five reasons why the Giants should start Eli.

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