Updated: November 13, 2017

Everyone knows that the best players in the NBA have their own sneakers. I wear Steph Curry’s sneaker, my brother Adin wears Kyries and my little brother wears Lebrons. But most players in the NBA don’t have their own sneaker. So what are they wearing on the court? Let’s find out.

This year there was a study and they found that the most popular shoe worn by NBA players is Kobe Bryant’s shoe with 58 players wearing them. Isaiah Thomas and John Wall are wearing Kobes on the court.

The next most popular shoes are Jordans, with 50 players wearing them. Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker wear Air Jordans during games.

Next are Lebrons, with 32 players wearing them. That includes teammate Tristan Thompson.  Lebron said he will dominate anyone he is playing against who is wearing his sneaker.

Kyries are the next most popular with 29 players wearing them, then Durants and Paul George’s signature shoes. I was surprised that my shoe, the Curry, was worn by only 6 players.

I don’t care whose name is on my shoe as long as it makes me jump really high.

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