Updated: November 7, 2017

One of the exciting and scary parts of playing town sports is tryouts.  This is the first time I remember being nervous about something.  Of course you go into the tryout hoping you will make it, but sometimes you don’t.  Here’s the situation.

Last year I tried out for the town travel basketball team.  I remember being excited and heading to the middle school at night for the tryouts.   I did my best.  Thats’ all I remember.  A few days later I found out that I made the “B” team.  I was really upset.  I heard that a few of my friends made the “A” team and I felt left out but also mad that maybe I didn’t work hard enough.

My parents pushed me to keep my head up and I played in the B league as hard as I could.  We did great.  The whole team hustled and I think we worked even harder because we wanted to prove ourselves to everyone else.  It wasn’t a bad thing after all.  Actually it was even better than the “A” league for me because we all got to play and be stars in our league.

So here’s my advice if you are trying out for a town team.

  1. It’s ok if you get cut.  Don’t give up…there’s always next year.
  2. Be nice to your friends who didn’t make the team.  They probably are really upset.  Tell them not to give up and that they will get another chance next year.
  3. It’s ok to be proud about making a team.  Just don’t brag.
  4. If you didn’t make the team you wanted, then practice.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

Playing team sports for your town is really special.  I’m really proud when I wear my town jerseys whether  it’s for rec or for travel teams.  If you love the sport you play, it doesn’t matter what team you are on.  Just play.

This year I wasn’t nervous about the tryouts.  I showed up to play basketball and that was that.

Good luck to all my fellow Tenafly Tigers this winter season.  See you on the court. #GoTigers


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