Athlete of the Week: JASON HALPER

Updated: November 7, 2017

Get ready Bleacher Boy fans!!   This week’s Athlete of the week goes to…..


This superstar is unlike ANY other we have EVER had!  Jason is just 6 years and he has already competed in his first BIATHLON!  That’s right!  This Kindergartner from The County Road School in Demarest, New Jersey has big plans and is already on the road to greatness.

For years, Jason has watched his Dad train for triathlons and other races.  Over the summer he would go for jogs with his mom and dad.  Then Jason took it to the NEXT LEVEL.  In September of 2017, Jason participated in the Wyckoff Family YMCA Splash and Dash Youth Biathlon.  He competed in the 7U flight which included a 50 meter swim in a pool followed by a half mile run around a track.  Jason finished FIRST in his age group earning him a medal and a trophy.  UNBELIEVABLE!

Jason also ran the Demarest 5k in May of 2017…that’s 3 miles!!  He  was able to run the whole race without stopping and finished FIRST in his age group with a time of 36 minutes and 8 seconds.  That is just unreal!  Jason has a goal of doing a real triathlon next year and one day he would love to even do an Ironman Triathlon!! (Google’s an insane race!)

When Jason isn’t crushing the biathlon scene you can find him playing soccer for The Vikings FC and basketball for The CMEK All Stars.  Baseball and lacrosse are also on his list to play next year.  He loves the NY Yankees, NY Giants, The NE Patriots and all University of Michigan sports.  Jason says his favorite athlete is Michigan alum, Tom Brady and says that he is the greatest QB of all time because he performs his best when the pressure is high.

We love the way Jason feels about sports.  He told us that in sports you have to practice and work hard to get better.  He said he was really proud that he tried something new and that he was able to finish a race that he didn’t think he could.  “Winning was pretty awesome too”, Jason said.  The Bleacher Boys are blown away and agree you definitely deserve to be Athlete of the Week.  We are thrilled to recognize you and hope you inspire a few kids to try a new sport.  Congratulations Jason and welcome to the huddle!!

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