Updated: October 30, 2017

Sometimes when I play sports I get really mad, and it looks like professional athletes and coaches sometimes feel the same way. There have been some pretty funny and crazy meltdowns in professional sports. Here are a few of the best ones I found.

John McEnroe’s bad temper got him into trouble all the time. In 1984 at the Swedish Open, McEnroe was serving after losing the first set. When the first serve was called long, McEnroe started yelling at the umpire, asked him if all Swedish umpires were as good as him, and then called him a jerk.

In 1994, Dennis Rodman was suspended from the San Antonio Spurs and fined $5,000 by the NBA for head butting John Stockton of the Utah Jazz. In 1996, when he was on the Bulls, Rodman headbutted the ref and was suspended for 6 games. He’s had a lot of meltdowns over the years but when he got suspended in 1994 he said the league was always picking on him. Sometimes I say that about my brothers!

In 1985, when the Indiana Hoosiers player the Purdue Boilmakers, Coach Bobby Knight’s Hoosiers were losing and then got a bunch of fouls called on them. Bobby Knight got so mad that he picked up a folding chair form the Hoosiers bench and threw it across the court. He was ejected and the whole stadium was in shock. I probably would have laughed!

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella got in trouble a lot for his tantrums, but in 2007 he got in a lot of trouble for what he did. During a game against the Braves, Piniella ran onto the field to argue a call and got so mad at the third base Ump, he kicked dirt on his shoes!

I know it’s hard to control your temper when sports makes you frustrated but I hope I never melt down like these guys have. That’s definitely bad sportsmanship. But it’s still kind of funny!

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