Updated: October 30, 2017

So who is this José Altuve anyway?  If you are watching any of the World Series between the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros, you have definitely heard his name.  But who is he? Here’s the situation.

Jose Altuve is the second basemen for the Houston Astros and made his major league debut in 2011.  What you probably will notice is that he’s not very tall.  He is actually the shortest active MLB player at    5 feet 6inches.  But just because he’s short doesn’t mean he’s not powerful.

Altuve is a 5x All Star and has won a ton of awards.  He is a 3x American League batting champion and has won 3 Silver Slugger awards.  In 2017, he won ” Baseball Americas”  Major League Player of the Year, The Hank Aaron Award and The Lou Gehrig Memorial Award.  At 27 years old he has total MVP status.  In 2017 he has had 204 hits and has scored 112 runs and 81 RBI’s.  He is a fan favorite and everyone “literally loves him”. Especially Justin Verlander. (only Twitter followers will think that is funny.)

The 2017 World Series continues and Altuve definitely has more great years to come.  Pretty good for a short guy.

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