Athlete of the Week: TODD MOSKOWITZ

Updated: October 24, 2017

Get ready Bleacher Boy fans!  This week’s Athlete of the Week goes to…..


Todd is 12 years old and is a 7th grader at Millburn Middle School in New Jersey.  Got HOCKEY on your mind this year yet?  Well the “puck” stops here!

Todd plays ICE HOCKEY and is a defender for the New Jersey Devils youth hockey team.  His team has hit the ice for 12 games so far and Todd has made his mark scoring 4 GOALS and having 18 ASSISTS!!  WOW!  This superstar is leading the league with assists and is proud to report they are in FIRST PLACE and are UNDEFEATED.  Todd has great momentum going and his biggest goal is to win the league championship this year.

Todd takes his ICE HOCKEY training seriously.  During the off season he heads to NEXT LEVEL TRAINING to sharpen up his skills and always tries to be better every time.  Todd’s drive to improve and play the sport he loves even goes into the summer months.  He spends 7 weeks at CAMP WINADU in Pittsfield, Massachusettes where he has the opportunity to spend several hours at a clip at a local ice hockey facility.  Now that’s commitment!  But if you can’t find Todd in the hockey rink you can find him having fun out on the field playing lacrosse.

Todd is a fan of The New York Rangers and looks up to the captain,  Ryan McDonagh because he is an ace defender.  He also likes using Bauer hockey equipment to keep his game on point.  Good stuff.  We can’t wait to hear from you this winter as you slice through your hockey season.  The Bleacher Boys agree you definitely deserve to be Athlete of the Week!

Congratulations and welcome to the huddle.

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