Updated: October 10, 2017

Get Ready BLEACHER BOY fans!! This week’s Athlete of the Week goes to……..


Ky’on, who goes by the nickname “Keys” is 10 years old and goes to Temescal Valley Elementary School in Riverside County, California.   This west coast superstar is crushing it on the football field with his teammates, the 9U Inland Empire Ducks.

Keys  takes the field with the 9U Ducks as a SAFETY and also as a WIDE RECEIVER.  No doubt strong AND fast to play both those positions!  Keys’ greatest sports achievement so far came with him on the field as a wide receiver.  This superstar made a catch for a 75 yard TOUCHDOWN in a PLAYOFF GAME!!!  EPIC!  But Keys isn’t done yet….  His goal for this season is to continue to develop and to do all he can to help his team make it to Florida for the SUPER BOWL.  Dream Big Keys…the future is bright for you and your team!  Ky’On is also part of the Laced Facts community of star athletes and just competed in the LA Experience and has officially received an invitation to go to Detroit for the next event.  SOLID.  

Keys is a HUGE Kansas City CHIEFS fan and is so proud of his cousin, DeAnthony Thomas, who is a Wide Receiver for the Chiefs.  Now that’s an awesome family role model to have!

When Keys isn’t on the field, he is busy earning a Perfect Attendance Award at his school.  Way to go!  We asked Keys what sports means to him and he told us that sports meant “achieving greatness” and that one day it could even mean having the opportunity of a lifetime in earning a free college education…”hopefully in Oregon”.

We are behind you, Keys.  The Bleacher Boys agree you definitely deserve to be Athlete of the Week.  We can’t wait to watch your career grow.  Good Luck to you and the 9U IE Ducks!

Congratulations and welcome to the huddle.

Check out this highlight video of the 9U IE Ducks in action…..

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