Updated: August 14, 2017

Everyone knows Donald Trump has a lot of money. Most people know that he owns a lot of buildings and golf courses. But not a lot of people know that our president also likes to spend his money on sports.  Not on playing sports but on buying teams!  It’s true – here are some of the teams he has tried to buy.

In 1983, Donald Trump actually bought the New Jersey Generals football team. They were part of the United States Football League, which shut down in 1985. A lot of people think Trump caused them to fail because he wanted the league to play their games in the fall instead of the spring, which meant they would compete with the NFL.  That didn’t work out well.

In 1983, Trump also tried to by the Cleveland Indians baseball team. When his first offer was rejected, he offered $34 million.  But his offer was rejected again because he wouldn’t promise to keep the team in Cleveland for more than 3 years.

In 2014, Trump tried to buy the Buffalo Bills football team after the owner passed away and the team was for sale. He said that he offered a billion dollars for the team but he lost out to the new owners, who offered 1.4 billion dollars. He then tweeted mean things about the new owners and he said he would have done a great job with the Bills.

In 2011, Donald Trump even talked about buying the Mets when their owners, the Wilpons, lost a lot of money to someone named Bernie Sanders.

I guess owning 17 golf courses wasn’t enough for Donald Trump! Maybe now that he’s president, he’ll stop trying to buy teams.


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