Updated: June 22, 2017

What happens in sports when an athlete take steroids? Does it change anything? Well it is kinda a big deal because if you achieve a lot in sports and you get caught for taking steroids people start to wonder if you could have been as great without them. First, let me tell you what a steroid is. A steroid is a drug that makes you bigger and stronger and most athletes use it for this reason. A steroid is not necessarily bad off the field for people who are prescribed it by a doctor and need it to recover more quickly from illness. If you were the best athlete in your sport is it worth it to be remembered for using steroids? I wonder could Barry Bonds have had the most homeruns in a career without steroids? Many Olympians have had their medals taken away because steroid use. Also, Lance Armstrong who won cycling’s biggest race the Tour de France 7 times was stripped of these wins because he was caught using steroids. Even though all these athletes devote their lives to training to be best the best, once they get caught for steroids, they end up standing out for their fall rather than their rise to the top.

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