Baseball: The Need for Seeds

Updated: June 2, 2017

Do you ever notice how baseball players are always chewing on something? For a long time it was chewing tobacco but now most ball players always carry sunflower seeds. How did this get started? Here’s the situation.

Players started eating seeds in the 1950’s but when Reggie Jackson started eating them in 1968 it got really popular. I think its better than chewing tobacco because tobacco is really bad for you anyway. Not to mention all the gross spitting. Sunflower seeds have become a baseball tradition ever since.

All baseball players from little league to the majors enjoy seeds during the game. It’s a perfect and healthy snack to eat while you’re waiting in the dugout because sometimes the games can be slow. Theres so many flavors and it actually takes some skill to learn how to eat them too.

DAVID brand original or BBQ flavor are my favorite and you can even make custom seed sacks for your team! (Check out Just spit the shells into the garbage or a cup because you always want to leave your dugout clean for the next team. Grab a bag and good luck at your next game!

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