Behind the Scenes at Topps!

Updated: May 31, 2017

Yesterday, the Bleacher Boys went to Topps corporate offices. Topps is a company that makes sports collecting cards. They used to make football,basketball, baseball and soccer cards. However, now they only make baseball cards and soccer cards.

Topps makes three types of these cards. They are Bowman cards, which are baseball rookie cards such as Andrew Benintendi. Some of the Bowman cards have a special chrome format that has on-card autographs. Topps also makes Match Attax. Match Attax are soccer cards and they are cool because not only can you collect and trade them but you can also play a game with them. It is a two person game, like a real league match, where you have to beat your opponent by scoring points. Match Attax are especially popular in Europe, which is not surprising because soccer, or football as they call it, is super popular there. We also learned about a new card they started making just a year ago called Topps Now. Topps Now are cards that show the greatest moments in sports. The cards are released for 24 hours only and they print only a small amount of each card which makes them very valuable.

I couldn’t believe how much work goes on at the Topps office. We saw the marketing department and we met the people who choose which pictures get put on each card. We also met some of the team that proofreads the back of the cards and make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that all the stats are correct. We even learned that there is a program on the Topps website where you can make sports cards of yourself!

Thanks Topps! We had the best time ever learning about Topps cards and all the work that is put into making them.

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