Updated: May 26, 2017

Im not a doctor but I don’t think The Mets are dying. I think they have a lot of problems this season and I think one of them is their bullpen. Here’s the situation.

The Mets bullpen is really overworked. I looked at the pitching roster and I realized something. Five of our best pitchers are still on the DL! Familia, Lugo, Matz, Milone and Syndergaard are all still out. Some of them are suppose to come back in June but until then we can’t fall apart.

DeGrom, Wheeler and Gsellman have all been able to pitch 6 innings and hopefully they will continue. Matt Harvey has had a lot of issues lately and hasn’t been so consistent. He threw 26 walks in his last 9 starts which doesn’t help.

Im not saying its all the pitchers fault that we are 19 and 26 right now. Offensively we have had good days and really, really bad days. Maybe bringing up a few new faces from the minors like Amed Rosario and 1st baseman Dominic Smith could bring some excitement back to the team. We just need to get some consistancy going on the mound and at the plate.

Hang in there Mets fans. I’m with you.

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