Updated: May 25, 2017
Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch just came back from retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders. He played for the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks.  During his five seasons with the Seahawks, Lynch was third in rushing, second in first downs, and first in rushing touchdowns. His nickname was Beast Mode, and he sure earned that on the field as an all-star running back. In 2015 he missed almost the whole season because of an injury.  He had only missed one game total in the four seasons before. He probably still had a passion for football when he retired. I don’t think he wanted to retire, but his injury forced him. During his one season off he probably had enough time to heal and get strong again. The team he is coming back for is his hometown team.  Marshawn is passionate about where he grew up. Now that he is back, healthy, and in the place he loves, he is ready to suit up again. I think Marshawn will be a great leader. The younger guys will look up to him because of what he done and what he could do for the Raiders in the future.

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