Updated: May 19, 2017

I don’t think about fights when I think about baseball. When I watch hockey and football theres always a chance for a little side scuffle but you don’t see it as much in baseball. But when they do fight in the MLB, the whole bench gets up. Heres the situation.

When the whole bench comes out they usually don’t all come out to fight. It’s mostly to show support for your teammate and to say “hey, I got your back”. There are two unforgettable bench clearing brawls people still talk about today.

One was in 1984 when The Braves battled the Padres. The benches cleared 4 times and 13 players and both managers got EJECTED! It started with a pitcher hitting a batter and just got worse from the there.

The second most memorable brawl was when 26yr old Robin Ventura of the White Sox went after veteran pitcher, Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers in 1993. Ryan grabbed Ventura and put him in a head lock just the way little kids would fight! Both teams rushed the mound and ended the brawl.

So if you are looking for a non-contact sport, baseball is a pretty good choice. Just be ready if you see the benches clear.

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