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Updated: May 18, 2017

As you know the NBA draft lottery was recently, and the Celtics got the number one pick because of a 2013 trade with the Nets. The NHL and the NBA are the only leagues to NOT have a draft where the worst team get the first pick. This is because they don’t want teams trying to tank their season. The way the draft is done now changed after what the Houston Rockets did in 1984 to get Hakeem Olajuwon. Supposedly, they threw their season to make that pick happen. Here is how the lottery works. All the non-playoff teams are entered to determine the top 3 picks. The worse a team’s record the more number combinations they are assigned.  This means there are more chances for their number to come up. The worst team gets 250 number combinations and the best of the non-playoff teams gets 5.  After the top 3 picks are made the selection order then goes by the opposite order of the regular season record. I hope you like my article. Give me a shout out of who you think the Celtics will pick.

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