The Top 5 Most Dangerous Sports!

Updated: May 17, 2017

Many of us love to watch sports, talk sports and of course play sports! It’s easy to forget though that many sports are actually really dangerous and can cause really serious injuries. Here is my list of some of the most dangerous sports.

1. Bull riding: In the sport of bull riding, the rider has to stay mounted on a bull for as long as possible while the bull tries to get the rider to fall off. Bulls usually weigh 2000 pounds or more! Obviously this is super dangerous because riders can easily get injuries to the neck, head and face. Concussions are also common. Bull riding is sometimes called “the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports”.

2. Biking: This one really took me by surprise but biking makes the list because it is actually the sport with one of the highest number of deaths. Most of the injuries and deaths in biking are because of cars on the roads.

3. Boxing: In boxing you get hit in the head over and over again. Almost all boxers get brain damage during their career. The brain damage often leads to bad diseases like alzheimers when the boxers get older. Some boxers wear protective gear which helps the risk of injury but even still it’s very dangerous!

4. BASE jumping: BASE jumping is like parachuting except instead of jumping from airplanes people jump from towers and cliffs. This is super dangerous because unlike parachuting, people have very little time to open their parachutes or deal with any problems that come up. Also sometimes jumpers actually get slashed by the wind or crash into buildings or other objects in their path!

5. Horse riding: This was another one that surprised me. However, there are lots of very serious injuries and even deaths that happen with horseback riding. The most common injury is for the rider to get trampled by the horse. Other common injuries are from getting thrown off the horse and also getting kicked by the horse.

Some of the other really dangerous sports I read about were scuba diving, MMA, gymnastics, Heli-skiing, cave diving, BMX, race car driving and mountain climbing. Most of these sports sound pretty exciting but I think I’ll wait a while to try them.

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