Dear Matt Harvey, Please Follow the RULES!

Updated: May 12, 2017

Pitcher Matt Harvey from the NY METS was suspended for 3 games after breaking the rules. Harvey was suppose to be practicing but instead he was out partying and playing golf. Should he have been punished like that? Here’s the situation.

I go to school everyday. Thats my job. Sometimes I don’t want to go but my mom is in charge. Matt Harveys job is being a professional baseball player. That means playing in 162 games, going to practice and going to meetings. I think they were right to suspend him. He should be getting ready for his start in Fridays game against The Brewers. That’s his job.

Terry Collins said that Matt Harvey needs to make baseball his number one priority and I agree. Its not fair to his team and fans if he doesn’t. His teammate Jay Bruce said that when the rules are broken there will be consequences but that they all have to move forward.

If the Mets want to be in the race for the National east they better keep moving forward. With Familia, Syndergaard, Cespedes, d’Arnaud, Duda, Matz, Lugo and Wright ALL on the DL, we cant lose anybody else!! I hope Matt Harvey does well and that he doesn’t get in trouble again.

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