Athlete of the Week: Eidan Atias

Updated: May 9, 2017

Get ready Bleacher Boys fans! This week’s Athlete of the Week goes to…Eidan Atias!

Eidan is a 2nd grader from Maimonides Academy in Los Angeles who is crazy about soccer and has played in AYSO leagues for the last 3 seasons. The last 3 years his team has lost only 3 times (TOTAL!) but hey, who’s counting?!

Eidan plays both center midfielder and striker and is currently being recruited by two clubs teams, Hollywood FC and Barcelona…decisions, decisions!! He loves to practice his dribbling skills and most days you will find him spending time practicing his shots and free kicks too.

Eidan’s favorite soccer moment was in a recent game when he was taken down and the referee called a foul on the opposing team. Eidan was given a free kick from 22 yards out! He made the shot and everyone was so impressed to see a goal made from so far out that parents and fans from both sidelines cheered and applauded.

Eidan has loved sports, especially soccer and basketball from the time he was a baby. His first word was ball and he started scoring on a 10 foot hoop when he was just 2.5 years old! His favorite sports are soccer, handball, football, basketball and baseball. The exact order of favorites tends to change depending which season we are in. Eidan loves watching EPL, La Liga, and the NBA with his Dad. His favorite teams are Barcelona, Chelsea, The Lakers, The 49ers and The Dodgers. Eidan dreams of one day playing for Chelsea or Barcelona.

Keep up the good work Eidan! The Bleacher Boys agree you definitely deserve to be Athlete of The Week! Congratulations and welcome to the huddle!

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