My Chat with Legendary Radio Sportscaster, HOWARD DAVID

Updated: May 5, 2017

This week I sat down with long time radio sportscaster, Howard David. Howard has been the play by play voice for the NFL’s Jets and Dolphins and the NBA’s Nets, Bucks and Celtics. He was also the play by play voice for CBS Radios Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football. Here’s what he told me about his awesome career in sportscasting.

Howard got into radio when he was stationed in Tripoli, Libya during the Vietnam War. Did you ever see the radio host from the movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam’? He said it was kind of like that but in Libya. He was a radio disc jockey host there and then started covering sports news for Army tv and radio.

When Howard came back to the states he kept doing sportscasting. One of the greatest games he covered was the Princeton vs Yale football game when Princeton finally beat Yale for the first time. His other favorite game he covered was the 1996 Super Bowl when Green Bay played the Patriots. Howard got to cover 6 more Super Bowls after that and says that pro football is his favorite sport to cover and did it for over 40 years. Covering the NBA is his second favorite he said because he likes all the action.

Howard did some great interviews in his career too. He interviewed Muhammed Ali, Pelé and Michael Jordan! He said that they were all easy to interview because they all made him feel comfortable.

I was really lucky also that Howard gave me 3 pieces of advice about becoming a sportscaster.
1. You have to learn to write and use good grammar. 2. Go into the booth prepared. 3. BE YOURSELF. You heard it here folks. I hope I can have an awesome job in sports like Howard one day. He really knows his stuff.

Special thanks to Howard David for all of the amazing stories he shared with David. We look forward to a follow up interview with him again soon.

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