Updated: May 4, 2017

I love player vs player rivalries. It is one of the things that makes sports exciting. Let’s look at my top 3 player vs player rivalries.

  1. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s rivalry started when their teams faced off in the NCAA championship and Magic’s won. They got drafted in the same year to the Lakers for Magic and the Celtics for Bird. Magic won his first NBA championship that same year.  A year later Bird won. Then, their teams faced off against each other in the 1984 Finals and Bird and the Celtics won in a blowout. The next year Johnson was determined to beat Bird which the Lakers did in the 1985 Finals at the Boston Garden.
  1. Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russel were both amazing in their time. Wilt Chamberlain played for the Philadelphia Warriors now known as the Philadelphia 76ers.  Bill Russel played for the Boston Celtics.  When they went one-on-one it was always a battle. They both were MVPs, All-stars, and Champions.  People still love arguing about who is the best.  Many think it is Wilt Chamberlain because of his individual stats.  Bill Russel’s team was full of talent which helped make him a NBA Champion 11 times.
  1. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are so much alike. They have very similar technique like the same shot and dunk.  Lakers and Bulls fans love this rivalry because it was always a great matchup when these two players faced off.  This really wasn’t a rivalry between players because they both respected each other as players.  Kobe looked up to MJ and MJ thought Kobe was a warrior.  He even gave Kobe advice to up his game play.  Kobe and Michael are two of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history.

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