What It Feels Like To Be A CHAMPION!

Updated: May 1, 2017

I play lacrosse for the Tenafly Tigers and last weekend we had our first tournament… and we won! We played 7 games and won all except one, which we tied, and so we made it to the finals. The final was an intense game with a very close score. Every time we scored a goal, our opponent scored a goal right after. There was not a minute of the game where we were ahead by more than 1 point. But through the whole game, even though we were all so exhausted after almost 12 hours of games, we never stopped. Every player on the team put in 100% the entire game. And because of that, we won 5-4! When the game was over everybody ran on to the field and went crazy. We were so excited and happy! It was amazing! We have really been practicing a lot this season and the tournament was proof that hard work and practice pays off. I read something by Bo Jackson that said, “Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there”. That’s what the Tenafly lacrosse team did this weekend and we were unstoppable!

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