Updated: April 17, 2017

I love to watch sports videos and came across a really, cool one.  It shows that the 1985 NBA draft might have been rigged. That was the year everybody wanted Patrick Ewing.  At Georgetown, he played in the NCAA Championship 3 times and led his team to a win in 1984.  In 1985, he was the #1 draft pick by the NY Knicks.

In those days, this is how they chose who got the first pick. The worst seven teams all had cards inside envelopes that were put in a big ball.  The commissioner shook the ball to mix up the envelopes and whichever team he picked out first got the number one pick. In 1985, the guy who threw the envelopes in the ball worked for an accounting company owned by the company that also owned the New York Knicks. The guy tossed the cards in and the one belonging to the Knicks got bent on the corner when it hit the side. This was the one commissioner David Stern picked first.

Some say this was on purpose because the Knicks wanted Ewing. The league also wanted him to go to the Knicks because they thought if Patrick Ewing was on the Knicks it would help make the NBA more popular.  When Stern got the Knicks card out another card was in front of it.  Stern flipped the cards over and came out with the bent Knicks card.  Why wouldn’t he pick the top card?  This is still seen as suspicious by some people and was interesting for me to learn about.

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