You Can’t Rush Baseball

Updated: April 15, 2017

The other night The Mets battled The Marlins until 1 in the morning for 16 innings. It was a crazy long game with The Mets winning in the end. The next day they talked about putting a time or inning limit on the games. I dont think thats a good idea. Here’s the situation.

Baseball isn’t a timed sport. In a timed sport when the clock runs out whoever is ahead is the winner. In baseball the hometeam always has a chance to come from behind or break a tie. Thats what we call ‘last licks’. This way we still have a winner. There should always be a winner.

Baseball also is a great family game to enjoy. They call baseball ‘Americas pasttime’ because it really is a fun game to watch either live at a stadium or even just a little league game. You can sit and eat hotdogs and relax. There is a lot of action but you have to patient.

The longest game in MLB history was in 1984 with The Brewers vs The White Sox going 25 innings and was over 8 hours long! I cant imagine playing that long and having it end in a tie. These players work really hard and deserve to have a winner at the end.

Baseball goes all the way back to 1791. Its really a part of our American History. So grab a hotdog and some peanuts and popcorn and get comfortable. There should never be a time limit on something so great. You just can’t rush baseball.

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