Updated: April 12, 2017

My brother and I like to talk about which teams we will play for if we make it to the NBA one day. And that got us thinking… have there been a lot of brothers in the NBA at the same time? It turns out, there have been lots of brothers there at the same time. There have even been a few pairs of twins! Here are some of our favorites NBA baller brothers:

Brook Lopez is a center on the NY Nets and his twin brother Robin Lopez is a center on the Chicago Bulls;

Markieff Morris is a power forward on the Washington Wizards and his twin brother Marcus Morris is a forward on the Detroit Pistons.

Pau Gasol is a center on the San Antonio Spurs and his younger brother Marc Gasol is a center on the Memphis Grizzlies;

Willy Hernangomez is a center for the Knicks and his little brother Juancho Hernangomez is a forward for my favorite team, the Denver Nuggets.

Get this… There are 3 Plumlee brothers in the NBA at the same time! Miles Plumlee is on the Charlotte Hornets, middle brother Mason Plumlee is on the Denver Nuggets and youngest brother Marshall Plumlee is on the Knicks;

Dominique Wilkins is a hall of famer who played mostly for the Hawks and his younger brother Gerald Wilkins played during the same years for a bunch of teams, including the NY Knicks;

Bernard King was in the NBA from 1977-1993 and his little brother Albert King was there from 1981-1991.

Adin and I can’t wait to see if we end up playing professional basketball at the same time. If we do, I wonder who my parents will go see more!

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