Updated: April 8, 2017

You may have heard a lot of talk this week about Russell Westbrook and you may be wondering why everybody is talking about him. I’m gonna break it down for you.

Last week Russell Westbrook made NBA history by becoming only the second person ever to average a triple double in a full season. So what does that mean? A triple double is when you get a double digit amount of these 3 things during a single game: points, assists and rebounds. An assists is when you help a shooter make a basket by passing them the ball.  Most NBA players don’t even average close to 5 assists per game.   A point is anytime you score a basket and a rebound is when you grab the ball after a missed shot. An offensive rebound is when you grab the ball when your team is shooting, and a defensive rebound is when you grab it after the other team shoots and misses.

The only other player in NBA history to average a triple double in a season is Oscar Robertson in the 1961-1962 season as a point guard with the Cincinnati Royals. They aren’t around anymore.  Westbrook plays for Oklahoma City Thunder as a point guard.

I hope someday everyone is talking about me being the third person to break that record. I know I’ll have to train a lot to get there, so I’m ending my article now so I can go outside and practice!

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