Updated: April 4, 2017

Madden is my favorite video game. It is really fun but it is not just a video game because it can help you learn about football! First of all, you can learn a lot of different players when you make your team and also you learn a lot of different football plays. The game includes players stats, information like how strong each player is and their speed.

Something very interesting about the game is The Madden Curse. The Madden curse is some people’s belief that every time a player appears on the cover of the Madden game series, that player is then cursed with an injury or really bad performance.

One of these cover players is Marshall Faulk. Before his Madden 03 cover season Faulk had five consecutive years of more than 1,000 yards in rushing. But in the season after his Madden appearance, Faulk had an ankle injury that made him miss five games. And he never again rushed for over 1,000 yards.

Another example is Michael Vick. Five days after Madden NFL 2004 was released, which had Michael Vick on the cover, he was injured during a preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Atlanta Falcons missed the playoffs and were out of contention by the time he returned from his injury. Then in 2007 Vick was arrested in April 2007 for a dog fighting ring and he went to prison for 21 months. After that he was dropped by the Falcons.

I could give you so many examples. It’s really crazy. In total, their have been 23 cover players since 1999 with a total of 110 Pro Bowl appearances before they were on the Madden cover. After being on the cover they had only 25 Pro Bowl appearances!

Madden is such a great game. I love playing it and think it’s cool that it can teach me things about football. As much as I love the game, when I play in the NFL i think I’ll choose NOT to appear on the cover!

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