Updated: March 28, 2017

GET READY BLEACHER BOY FANS! This week’s Athlete of the Week goes to…

Sammy Schoenfeld!!  Sammy is an 11-year-old at Robbins Lane Elementary School in Syosset with a real passion for basketball. She first became interested in basketball at Camp Blue Ridge and fell in love with the sport.  Sammy plays for three teams, the Syosset 5/6th grade intramural team, the 5th grade travel team Syosset Swish, and the Suffolk County Lightning AAU team, which she recently made.

Sammy’s dad coaches her intramural team.  The team struggled at first with an early record of 0-3, but with great coaching and lots of hard work, the girls worked together to turn it around.  This group effort led to a championship win.  Sammy’s travel team, Syosset Swish, also won their championship just a few days ago.  On both teams, Sammy plays amazing defense and has a very good outside shot and a sick crossover.

Sammy is obsessed with all basketball but specifically loves Golden State.  Steph Curry is her idol.  She collects trading cards, and her room is covered with Steph Curry Fat Heads.  Sammy also rides horses and plays saxophone.  Congratulations Sammy and welcome to the huddle!

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