Updated: March 19, 2017

Some people say the refs in sports can never cost you a win, but I disagree.  In professional sports there are a bunch of games that are famous for bad calls. And I’ve even had a few games where I’m sure that bad calls are the reason I lost.

In game 6 of the 1985 World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals were leading the series 3-2 and they were about to beat the Kansas City Royals to win it all. But in the bottom of the ninth, a Royals player who was definitely out was called safe at first and the Royals won the game. Then the Royals won game 7 and became the World Series champs. All because of a bad call.

This year, when Ohio State played Michigan in Football for a chance to make it to the Big 10 championship, Michigan was winning by a field goal and Ohio had a 4th down and they clearly did not get a first down but the refs called it a first down. Michigan lost and I’m still upset about it.

And in 1990, the University of Colorado beat the University of Missouri in a football game because the refs gave Colorado a fifth down! On their fifth shot at the end zone Colorado scored the game winning touchdown.

In a soccer game last year I was tackled 3 times in the box but no penalty kicks were called.  At worst, I think I would’ve made 2 out of 3 penalty kicks.  We lost the game 2 to 1.  The refs cost us the game.  Also, I had a big basketball game last year.  We were up by 2 points with about 10 seconds left and the refs called a horrible foul on me as the opponent made the shot.  He ended up making the foul shot (and I got ejected for complaining) and they beat us by 1 point.  The refs probably cost us the game.

So even though some people say refs can’t cost you the game, I think history shows that a bad call can make a big difference.

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