Updated: March 15, 2017

I am so excited that the NCAA Basketball Championship, also known as March Madness, begins this week.  There are 4 regions in the tournament.  In each region there are teams seeded 1 to 16.  Usually the best teams make it to the Final Four.  But sometimes a team who is not supposed to make it does. In 2006 George Mason made the Final Four as the 11 seed.  Also in 2011 VCU made it as an 11 seed.

So here are my picks for the 2017 Tournament:

In the East Region, I see Villanova (#1 seed) winning.

In the West Region, I see Arizona (#2 seed) winning.

In the Midwest Region, I see Michigan (#7 seed) winning.

In the South Region, I see UCLA (#3 seed) winning.

And the winner of the 2017 NCAA Basketball Championship will be…….. the University of Michigan!  This wouldn’t be the lowest seed ever to win.  Villanova won it all as an 8 seed in 1985.  Enjoy watching all the games.

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