Updated: March 8, 2017

I love collecting and trading sports cards. One of the most exciting parts of collecting is the excitement of finally getting a card that you have been wanting for a long time. Here are the top 5 cards that I think make any collection. Most of the cards listed are piece of jersey cards. These are cards that have a little piece of the players WORN (!) jersey on them. I think piece of jersey cards are better and more exciting!

1. Brett Farve signed piece of jersey. I think this is an AMAZING card because Brett Farve is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. He broke so many records including one for pass completions (6,300), pass interceptions (336) and most regular season wins as a starting QB (186).

2. Bo Jackson is another great card to have. Bo Jackson is one of the best athletes in the world. His rookie cards are the most valuable, both the football and baseball ones. The better condition the cards are in, the more they are worth.

3. Barry sanders signed piece of jersey. Barry sanders is a 10 time pro bowl winner and member of both the college and professional football halls of fame. There is a Sanders Hall of Fame Anniversary Signature card that is worth more than $1000!

4. Jerry Rice could possibly be one of the top football players of all time. He holds so many records and did so well that his cards are almost all collectibles. He played for over 20 years so there are tons of Jerry Rice cards to collect. The most valuable card is his official rookie card.

5 Michael Jordan signed piece of jersey! Michael Jordan is a basketball legend! He’s got so many fans that his cards have been top sellers for a really long time. There is an autographed Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer card that sold a few years ago for $100,000!

Those are some of what I think are the BEST cards! I would be really excited to add any of these to my collection.

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