Updated: March 7, 2017

GET READY BLEACHER BOY FANS! This week’s Athlete of the Week goes to…

Lucas Sands!!  Lucas is a 3rd grader from Demarest who is an exciting ice hockey player. He loves and plays multiple sports, but hockey is at the top of his list.  Perhaps he inherited this love from his dad, Adam, who also plays ice hockey and on occasion assists in team practices.  Lucas started playing when he was four years old, and for the past three seasons has played for the Englewood Field Club.  This year he played hard for the Mite travel team.

This season was super fun for Lucas and his teammates.  His team went undefeated in their league and just recently won the league championship in two hard fought games.  Other highlights for Lucas include trying his hand at goalie, scoring many goals, and gaining more defensive experience.  As a matter of fact, Lucas’ favorite play came when he was back checking on defense and slid down in front of an opposing player to block his shot and prevent the goal.  Lucas still has one more week of hockey to show his stuff in a tournament down in Delaware before he moves on to baseball season.  We know he will continue to shine and perhaps help his team bring home a second championship.

Lucas’ favorite professional team is the New York Rangers.  He often goes with his family to MSG to cheer them on.  He loves watching team captain, Ryan McDonagh.  Just like his dad, he is also a fan of the NY Mets and the Seattle Seahawks.  Way to go Lucas!  The Bleacher Boys agree you definitely deserve to be Athlete of the Week!  Congratulations and welcome to the huddle!

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  1. Alyzia

    March 7, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    Great article Jesse
    So proud of the EFC eagles !

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