Updated: March 4, 2017

When I think of March I think of one thing… March Madness. Do you know what March Madness is? Here’s a rundown of what to expect so you can get as excited as I am!

March Madness is when the top teams in college basketball compete to become the NCAA champion. The tournament begins with 68 teams who play over the last 3 weekends of March and then play a final game the first weekend of April. On Selection Sunday, teams find out who they are playing and when.  They also find out their seed, which means their ranking.  This year, Selection Sunday is March 12th.

There are a few nicknames for the different levels of the tournament. The round with 8 games is called the Sweet 16, and the 8 teams who win go to the Elite 8.  The four teams who win that go to the Final Four.  On championship Saturday there are 2 games back to back and the winners make it to a championship game that’s always on a Monday night past my bed time!

Last year, Villanova beat North Carolina at the buzzer. I fell asleep but I watched the highlights. This year I’ll be rooting for the University of Michigan and if they make it you can bet I’ll be staying up for the game!


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