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Updated: March 1, 2017

A few weeks ago my mom and dad took me to a Knicks game. They were playing the Denver Nuggets. The Knicks are having a bad season but I still had hope.  Before the game, my dad took me down to the court to see the players.  I called out for some of the Knicks but they wouldn’t turn around.  Then I called out for Mike Miller on the Nuggets and he smiled at me.  My dad told him that I love shooting 3-pointers and he came over and asked me if that was true.  I got so nervous because he’s a world champion from when he played on the Miami Heat.  I said “yes” and that’s when he took off his good luck bracelet and gave it to me.  I couldn’t believe it.  I haven’t taken off his bracelet since then.

Then, a rookie named Jamal Murray tossed me a ball from the court and started having a catch with me. I didn’t believe that was really happening!  And then later in the game, I called out Juan Hernangomez’s name, and he tossed my brother the towel he was using.  You might think that’s gross but I think it’s awesome!  Then the Nuggets team trainer threw me a towel also.

Later that week my mom tweeted a picture of me with the bracelet on to Mike Miller but she said he wouldn’t write me back. But guess what?  He wrote me back and said it was so great meeting me at the Knicks game!

The Nuggets were so cool and nice and now I am a Nuggets fan for life! Which is great, because their record is always a lot better than the Knicks!

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