Updated: February 27, 2017

I love a good dunk! Any kind of dunk, by any player, in a contest, in a game..doesn’t matter! A good dunk is so fun to watch. Professional athletes make it look easy but that kind of vertical leap definitely takes skill and a lot of strength.

One of the best dunks I have ever seen was in a dunk contest when Blake Griffin jumped over a car and slammed it in! It looked like it couldn’t even be real but it was. Also, in the 1997 slam dunk contest when Kobe Bryant ran up, put the ball through his legs and slammed it in with one hand! Dunk contests are always fun to watch as players have become so creative and use different props and do some really crazy things to make it exciting.

But even more exciting then the wild dunks you see in contests are the real slam dunks that score points and win games!

There were some really good ones this past season. In one Lakers game, Larry Nance Jr. dunked on Brook Lopez of The Nets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person jump so high. His teammates and the entire crowd went crazy. It was so fun to watch. Also when OKC played The Rockets, Russell Westbrook made a left handed dunk with seven seconds left. Amazing!!

Dunks are my favorite part of basketball. They are so exciting. It must be the best feeling and I can’t wait until I can dunk myself.

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