Highschool Basketball: Spotlight on Demarest’s JAKE RUNYON

Updated: February 27, 2017

Highschool basketball is really competitive. It takes a super athlete to make the team. I talked to Demarest basketball star Jake Runyon and got the story on the sport and got some great advice from this local superstar athlete. Here’s the situation.

Jake is a junior at Northern Valley Demarest highschool and is a forward for the Norsemen. He is 6’5 and has a wingspan of 80 inches! That’s insane! He works 5-7 days a week on the court and in the weight room to get better and stronger. Jake said training is hard and that “being tough” is really important.

Demarest had a tough 0-7 start to the season. But this weekend Jake and the Norsemen went in and WON the Bergen Invitational Tournament! Nobody saw that coming! Jake was the MVP of the tournament and scored 28 points to lead the team to a 60-45 victory over Ramsey in the finals. Winning the BIT was Jakes goal and now he has his eyes on the state sectional finals and hopefully onto play in college one day too.

Jake says having a good “work ethic” makes you a good HS player. He told me to work hard, have a good attitude and to practice everyday. He also said not to forget to have fun. The best advice he gave me was to “GIVE 100% ALL THE TIME”. I think Jake probably gives
100% on and off the court. He is the kind of player and teammate a 3rd grader like me wants to become. Good luck with the rest of the season Jake! The Bleacher Boys are rooting for you!

Read more about Jake and his team at the BIT at

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