Updated: February 25, 2017

A few months ago I wrote an article about how my hockey team did not have a goalie because ours went to play for another team. Well that did not stop us! Each player took a turn or two as goalie and did a great job.  Now we are going into the playoffs undefeated in our league.  In the last three games, we came back from a bad first period losing by three or more. We have really learned to play as a team.  Last season we lost a lot.  At the beginning of this season there were some new players.  As we practiced (two practices and two games a week) we got better and better and learned how to count on each other.  This is a big reason we are undefeated. Last year when our goalie and a few other players left I could never dream of us making it this far! Hopefully soon there will be a championship article!

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