Updated: February 20, 2017

You don’t have to be tall to play basketball. Actually the NBA has some pretty short players and some crazy tall players too. Heres the situation.

The shortest player in NBA history is Muggsy Bogues. Muggsy is only 5ft 3in and played in the NBA for 15 years ending with the Warriors and then the Raptors in 2002. He scored 6,858 points in his career. Muggsy got to play next to one of the 2 tallest players in NBA history, Manute Bol. Their difference in height was 28 inches! That’s crazy!

The tallest player in NBA history is Gheorghe Muresan. He is 7ft 7in tall and played 8 seasons for the Bullets and Nets. He scored over 3,000 points in his career. Yao Ming who is 7ft 6in played for the Rockets for 9 years. He is the tallest player to play in an NBA All Star game and also the tallest player in the Hall of Fame.

The good news is you don’t have to be tall to make it in the NBA. I guess that’s good news for kids who don’t like milk.

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