WINTER TRACK: Spotlight on Northern Valleys Timothy Larson

Updated: February 15, 2017

You don’t hear a lot of talk about Winter Track as a sport. My mom ran track in high school and she told me its just as serious as any other sport and in someways a lot tougher. I got a chance to talk to Timothy Larsen, a track star from Northern Valley Demarest high school about the sport. Here’s the situation.

Tim told me that track is different from any other sport because there are a lot of events. There’s all different distance running, short and long, and field events like the long jump and high jump. He says that you never know how good you can be until you try.

Track practice is 5 days a week but Tim also trains extra with running specialist Alexandra Champ twice a week. He says she is helping to make him stronger which helps his speed and helps him not get injured too. Even though the meets are long, Tim says they are exciting and he gets more nervous than he did with other sports he has played. He ran a personal best at a meet in Staten Island recently in the mile and two mile and helped his team WIN the meet! Way to go Tim!

Tim wants to stay injury free for the rest of the season and says the most important skills to being a successfull runner are patience, perseverance and positivity. I think thats really great advice! You heard it here folks..
“The successful ones are those who can remain positive and get through any obstacle.”
-Timothy Larsen

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Winter Track with us! Good luck with the rest of your season!!

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