Patriots Life Lessons

Updated: February 8, 2017

What a Super Bowl it was!! I think it was one of the best Super Bowls in NFL history. It was a great game. I was so nervous because I am a Patriots fan.

The first half of the game really had me down but I was so happy when the Patriots finally scored a touchdown after trailing
9-28 well into the 3rd quarter. Even still, the Pats were so far behind and it seemed they would never win. But here’s the thing about the Patriots. THEY NEVER GIVE UP. And thats why they won. Because even when they were losing by 25 points, they never once gave up.

The best part of the game, which I think will go down as one of the greatest catches in football history, was by Julian Edelman. Edelman somehow caught the ball while fighting off three Falcon defenders, even going through one of their legs to catch the ball just before it hit the ground. If Edelman hadn’t made that catch the game probably would have gone a different way.

2017 Superbowl LI was one I will never forget. The Patriots made a lot of New England fans very happy. But probably more important was that a lot of kids watching the game were reminded to never give up. Even when the going gets tough. Its never too late to comeback and win.

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