Updated: February 7, 2017

GET READY BLEACHER BOY FANS! This week’s Athlete of the Week goes to…

Liam Malara!!  Liam is a 3rd grader from Harrington Park who plays the “Fastest Game on Earth,” ice hockey.  Liam fell in love with this sport on a rainy day during summer vacation when his family rented The Mighty Ducks.  After seeing this movie, he was convinced hockey was the perfect sport for him.  Liam started skating at six years old and joined the Englewood Field Club’s Mite team mid-season last year.

One of Liam’s greatest strengths is his incredible skating ability.  He literally flies across the ice with awesome precision.  Liam describes his favorite parts of the game as stick handling and making assists.  He is very proud when he makes a good pass that achieves a goal.  For example, his favorite play of the season came in a game against Riverbank during which he had an important assist.  In this play, Liam got close to the net with the puck but fell down.  Despite falling he was still able to reach the puck to pass it to a teammate who was able to shoot on goal and score.  Liam is a team player and one of the reasons his team is undefeated in their league.

Liam loves hockey of any kind.  He plays knee and street hockey every chance he gets.  His favorite team is the New York Rangers and his favorite player is Cindy Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Outside of hockey, Liam is an accomplished artist.  Way to go Liam!  The Bleacher Boys agree you definitely deserve to be Athlete of the Week!  Congratulations and welcome to the huddle!

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  1. catherine anonymous

    February 8, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Congrats to Liam B Malara. So glad you are athlete
    of the week. Routed for you from the day you were
    born and will keep routing for you forever.

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