Updated: November 5, 2016

Right now is a really exciting time to be a New York professional soccer fan because both NY teams are still in the playoffs. The NY Red Bulls play Montreal Impact tomorrow at 4:00 and NYC FC plays Toronto FC tomorrow at 6:30.

The Red Bulls have to win their game tomorrow by at least one goal to stay in the race. This is because in the playoffs it’s not about who wins, it’s about how many goals you have.  Red Bulls lost the first game 1-0 so if they tie, they’re eliminated. If the Red Bulls win 1-0, the higher seeded team moves on, and the Red Bulls are the higher seeded team.  If they win, they go to the Eastern Conference Championship against whoever wins the NYC FC game.

I think The Red Bulls can win because they play great at home. And their goalie Luis Robles is really clutch in big games.

NCY FC has to win by two or more goals to stay in the race. If they win by just one goal they’re eliminated because in the first game, NY lost 2-0.  So Toronto is up by 2 goals going into this game.

I think NYC FC can do it because their defense is really strong. If Frederick Brilliant and RJ Allen work their hardest, they can stop Toronto from having a shot at goals. And if David Villa plays a great game at striker he can get at least a hat trick, which is three goals, and help his team advance to the next round.

I know that I’ll be watching these games and I hope the two NY teams are facing each other in the next round. Wow, that would be some game! Good luck NY.


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